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Engineering Services

We have extensive experience providing engineering services and delivering solutions for oil and gas and process facilities, both onshore and offshore.From small installations to multi-phase mega-projects, we can support your upstream, midstream, downstream oil and gas activities at all stages of the project lifecycle, anywhere in the world. We have extensive experience providing engineering services and delivering solutions for oil and gas and process facilities, both onshore and offshore...

Transportation & Supply

Exelis Energy is experienced in delivering oil and gas supply chain solutions to a range of companies across the globe. With strategic bases worldwide, we are able to effectively devise a freight management solution that benefits from a global logistics platform. We have experienced logistics professionals with a deep understanding of safety, compliance and efficiency.

Marine, Diving and Pipeline Equipment

We provide underwater specialist equipment for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Pipeline Equipment. Diving Equipment..

Exploration and Production Drilling Services

We provide contract drilling and well completion services. SAFETY is top priority with regard to our employees and our equipment. Our unrivaled experience, knowledge and commitment combine to make Exelis Energy Ltd unbeatable for your drilling projects.


Our projects are designed to optimize power generation at the most competitive prices, we also seek to maintain our reputation for providing a sensitive and consultative approach to the environment and communities. ...

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Moving power where it’s needed – our development and construction capabilities help provide a safer and more reliable electric grid. Our internal expertise includes the development, engineering, procurement, and self-perform transmission line construction of over 1,000 miles of transmission lines at voltages

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Exelis Energy has a wealth of experience in solar development, construction, and operations. Our experience covers both utility-scale, centralized energy solar farms and distributed solutions

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Demand Side Management

Creating abundant, flexible energy capacity from assets that until now have only been a cost. Demand Response (DR) controls electrical equipment in seconds without disrupting clients’ operations. This creates abundant and flexible energy capacity – and helps you turn some of the costs of running your assets into a revenue stream.

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Energy Storage

Energy providers and consumers need more than ‘demonstration’ or ‘experimental’ energy storage systems. They benefit far more from economically and operationally proven equipment they can rely on for years to come.

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Oil & Gas

Exelis Energy Oil , is one of the subsidiary of Exelis Energy Limited. It was incorporated to take advantage of the huge opportunity available in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Exelis Energy oil will handle the downstream and upstream sector which includes

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