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Energy Storage Technology

Energy providers and consumers need more than ‘demonstration’ or ‘experimental’ energy storage systems. They benefit far more from economically and operationally proven equipment they can rely on for years to come. Exelis Energy storage solutions comprise safe, economical, and reliable energy storage assets that can provide multiple centralized and distributed solutions at the same time.

We can customize energy storage solutions to meet customers’ unique demands, thanks to industry-leading expertise in development, engineering, construction, operations, finance, and project ownership. Here are some examples of the energy storage services Exelis Energy can provide:


Frequency regulation
Renewable integration
Spinning reserve
Ramp-rate management
Renewable firming


Voltage support
Substation and line upgrade deferral
Renewable integration
Loss reduction
Constraint relief
Reliability and grid stability


Disaster recovery/relief
Microgrid and island grid support

Distribution upgrade support
Peak load reduction
Power quality
Volt/VAR support